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Hi, I'm Batsirai

I help worship leaders unlock the potential of corporate worship.

[An open letter to worship leaders]


I'm driven by the concept of potential – the space between what is and what could be. It's about intentionally pursuing what could be (and often what should be !) - not out of greed but responsibility.

As a young adult in Zimbabwe, I was on the brink of a new life in Canada. I saw our gardener, who was a few years older than me, content yet limited by his circumstances, and wondered: What is his potential? What does he dream about becoming? What if our roles were reversed?

This thought sparked a sense of duty in me. I want to fulfill my potential, not just for myself, but as a tribute to those who couldn't.

This quest is part of my calling in worship. What does the “full potential of corporate worship” look/sound/feel like? No matter what your answer is - I don’t think we regularly experience it. Are we too easily satisfied?

It's not the Lord's fault we don't experience it fully. He wants us to and made it possible for us to boldly come before Him. So why don’t we do it? How come we experience it more often? Maybe we just don't have a clear vision for it, so we settle for what we have.

As C.S. Lewis insightfully notes: 'It would seem that Our Lord finds our desires not too strong, but too weak. We are half-hearted creatures, fooling about with drink and sex and ambition (pleasure & fame) when infinite joy is offered us, like an ignorant child who wants to go on making mud pies in a slum because he cannot imagine what is meant by the offer of a holiday at the sea. We are far too easily pleased.’

The potential of corporate worship is captured by this phrase: Corporate Encounter.
And that ”every time we gather - we should expect an encounter.”

I want to inspire worship leaders to go after the full potential of corporate worship and encourage each other on this journey. If your heart burns for more - I'd love for you to join me and be part of this community, this tribe, this quest.

Imagine a world where genuine corporate encounters happen every time we gather.
The world, our churches, and families need face-to-face encounters with Jesus and we as worship leaders are called to lead people there.

There is a tribe of worship leaders who believe a "corporate encounter" can happen every time we gather.

There's a tribe of worship leaders asking the rhetorical question… "What if there's more?"

We are this tribe.

Four ways I can help you.

“Dear Worship Leader”
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“What If?”
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Get my weekly note where we'll explore the 'Who', not just the 'How'. Let's rethink worship leadership, one thought-provoking idea at a time. CLICK FOR MORE.

“Worship OS”
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Let's connect

This man has been pivotal to my life in Canada. I came to Canada as a student and needed to get planted in a church. On my first day of finding a church, I was introduced to Batsirai and his family. He took me under his wing. Though relationship, I became more involved in serving in church and eventually started leading the Young Adults Ministry as a music director.
Now my heart in drawn to the discipleship of men in becoming Kindgom men.
Bats, you are awesome. May God richly bless you for the lives you have touched through worship and discipleship.

Daniel MabuggweLimitless Church

Bats always brings the joy of the Lord in the room. From a friendly encounter to Christ filled worship he consistently fills the room with a presence and sound that mirrors and reflects God and His kingdom.

Philip TorrenuevaThe Embassy Church

Worshipping with a man like Batsirai is learning to be vulnerable, free in the presence of God. Batsirai leads us into the presence of God with a great sense of meaning to the words we sing. He is not about how many songs or structure of how it should go as much as he loves to stay in the presence, be flexible enough to know when to linger and when to move on.

Kehinde OLUMUYIWAThe Embassy Church

Batsirai was born with a heart to worship God in full abandon. His enthusiasm for leading others in praise of the King is contagious both on and off the stage. This, coupled with his genuine desire to help & equip others as they rise and flourish in their unique callings, makes him a refreshing and potent minister in the kingdom. Personable, insightful, approachable, skilled -- in short, a thoroughly enjoyable human being who helps you lift your sights higher for the glory of God.

Rachel HillikerSpeaker/Author -

I am truly grateful for the incredible mentorship provided by Batsirai Chada. His guidance, skill, and patience have been invaluable in shaping the music ministry. His dedication and time invested have created a transformative experience. I find inspiration in the wholesomeness of his work, it takes courage and leadership to build a community invested in kingdom ministry, and he exemplifies just that.

Rebekah ModesteWorship Leader, The Embassy Church

Batsirai’s is an amazing worship leader and mentor. I especially love his down-to-earth, easygoing personality.
One of the ways Batsirai has helped me is in the area of creative spontaneity in leading worship and praise. As worship leaders, sometimes we tend to be overly dependent on what we have rehearsed to a point that it becomes possible that we are no longer following the leading of HolySpirit but willing the praise or worship session to go in the direction of the rehearsal even when HolySpirit isn’t going in that direction. I’ve learned to be prepared with adequate rehearsals but approach the praise or worship session with an open heart leaning on Holy Spirit. Thanks, Batsirai!!!

Jackson IdahosaWorship Leader

Batsirai is truly a gift and blessing to everyone who gets to minister with him. His passion for deeper worship and earnest for not only the congregation but the worship vocalists and musicians to truly live in the truth that is Jesus Christ as well as not settling for superficial ‘successes’. The essence of true worship excites him and this becomes contagious once in those deeper waters and he just flows with the spirit so effortlessly it is truly an honour to witness. Batsirai has really taught me much about the heart posture of worship and how to put myself aside and truly let Him use me like the vessel He has made me to be.

Ntumba BadjoundaWorship Leader

"Following and going on prompting of Holy Spirit never runs out of gas." Bats, you taught me how to identify the difference between performance and being let by the Holy Spirit. I am eternally grateful for that. You're truly a leader for many and a true friend. You have given so much yet, you have so much more to give. Thank you for being my friend.

Peter NeedhamWorship Drummer
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